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  Gregorius Techneticies c09d82c74a
Changed Bath Recipes and fixed that one missing texture that was not even supposed to be asked for in the first place 6 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 16102e9a23
Fixed the Unused Status of the 3 Ars Magica Gemstones and added Small Chimerite Ore 6 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 2c2dc2332a
Added Small Cinnabar Ore to the Nether, fixed some typo and did whatever I did to that Loader_Blocks.java 1 week ago
  OvermindDL1 975288e2f0
Remove artemis as it was never used to date, would be useful for a rewrite, but not here or now 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3e9c3e6646
Fixed some Ars Unification things and Added Actually Additions Black Quartz to my Worldgen 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 40d67fddd7
Fixed Hematite Bedrock Ore Clay Ore Byproduct Output not being Processable 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 5619913c28
Minor internal changes 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies d4baca0fec
Ownership Reset Config for people who locked themselves out of Stuff like Mechanical Safes in SinglePlayer. 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies f4a8feee91
Blastproofness Tooltip now takes Strong Dynamite into accoutn for verbal description of how proof something is 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 8bbc6ec6b2
TFC+ is now detected as TFC 3 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies ff862a1fdb
NEI Lists are now no longer displaying GU/t for Fuels 3 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies c20baeccb8
Fixed 7 Bit Number being used to store a 63 Bit Number 3 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3ec1de0447
Fixed some Recipe costs 3 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies f0ab0de9ea
Fixed Thaumcraft Golems were not chopping GT6 Wood 3 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0278a4b627
Merged Reactor PR from Erik3003 and did the basic File formatting 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies ef332577c9
Merge pull request #4 from Erik3003/master 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 1c249ad9ec
Fixed Harvestcraft Fish Trap Bait Recipe in Mixing Bowl 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 4eb70250ad
Big Bugfix Release 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0fb96d5d49
Fixed TFC Attack Damage for GT6 Tools 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 66726ed4b2
Just updating Supporter List 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3f58387d68
Fixed lack of Chili Crop 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies f85cc006a2
Fixed machiens being constantly turning on/off when output is full 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 155fb26c00
Coke Oven has 9 Output Slots now 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 33f1e254e6
Fixed Hoppers to only add Snowballs Clientside now 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3945f2b1b0
Fixed Hoppers picking up Snow Golem Poop 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 591aee7df2
yay for mediocre methods of debugging 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 35445f0086
Found out Snow Layers cant be placed ontop of my Hoppers, so I needed to ddifferent Solution 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 597c6adb01
IC2 Frosty Recipes fixed and GT6 Hoppers pick up Snowgolem Poop now 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies c33ea9be1c
Fixed NEI Crash and made Vibranium Stuff visible in NEI 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3908d0a8ca
Reactor and Thaumcraft Aspect fixes 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 59c0616c66
Treecapitator Fix 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies d06271039e
Fixed placeable Plates/Ingots/Rocks not detecting if the thing you hold in hand is already placeable 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3ce0e687cb
Fixed Bedrock Ore Generation in Twilight Forest to finally put indicators on the surface 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0ad0bd774d
IC2-Classic IMC for Watermill OCean/River Compat 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies cc8228a01b
another attempt at fixing blocked outputs 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies e30e7ff468
Blocking the Output also causes RunningPossible to return True now 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies af07f5b044
Another Attempt to fix Coke Oven Issue 1 month ago
  Erik3003 f2ea81eadb Added: Thorium and Uranium Breeder Rods 1 month ago
  Erik3003 9dbff36ea7 Resolved merge conflict 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies e5a4727b5f
Fixed thorium to be isotope 232 instead of 230 1 month ago
  Erik3003 546784e89a Change: Neutron Sensor will now use the sum of all Neutron Maximums in a reactor as the Maximum 1 month ago
  Erik3003 d29767cb3a Fixed: Neutron maximum being compared to wrong value 1 month ago
  Erik3003 d018be85db Changed: Durability system for Distilled Water reactors now resembles the old system more while also allowing for balanced critical reactors. Optimum Neutrons turned into Maximum Neutrons. Overstepping the Maximum of a fuel will result in four times the durability loss (scaling with neutron count) 1 month ago
  Erik3003 d648166370 Added: Breeder and Product rods code (No actual rods and recipes yet) 1 month ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 91e8f43393
Double Oops 2 months ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3c60f9cfdc
Oops 2 months ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 141c2c5fef
Okay that one instance of checking every 20 ticks was actually needed afterall, even after I changed so much 2 months ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 55c32e72ba
Several Fixes 2 months ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 70ddf82455
Testing 2 months ago
  Gregorius Techneticies feaf7fc172
Reactor overhaul part 1 (#3) 2 months ago