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  Gregorius Techneticies 383cc72a8c
More PFAA Compat for when CustomOreGen is not installed 3 hours ago
  Gregorius Techneticies b81b5b4714
Tweaks 6 hours ago
  Gregorius Techneticies b0871a42e6
Oops I accidentially used the 0 ID for Realgar instead of any other ID 8 hours ago
  Gregorius Techneticies eda265dc18
Arsenic related Stuff and PFAA 9 hours ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 318651a914
PFAA Stone Material Data 10 hours ago
  Gregorius Techneticies ea239da49c
Fixed that Black Sand replaces Podzol, also fixed Soapstone/Talc 1 day ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3194cf6147
Taht should fix basaltic mineral sand from PFAA 1 day ago
  Gregorius Techneticies e489bb1b2e
PFAA Sand Stuff 1 day ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 36687072f7
This should fix Wooden Bolt Sawing by Hand 1 day ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 07f1df1598
Minor Bugfix 1 day ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3d36966f54
PFAA Material Data for Clay Balls added 1 day ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 9f15964e84
Added two more almost identical types of Black Sand 2 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies a3bb098f0b
Added White Clay and fixed some Clay related Bugs. Also Porcelain is changed a bit 2 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 04c6f08528
Fixed NEI Crucible thing 2 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0a391d4773
Thaumcraft Saplings now have MAterial Data for Greatwood and Silverwood 3 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 4910e0c64c
Minor Clay fixes 3 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 4a5900e733
More work on Clay, and yes the previous Commit Message got cut off 3 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 1a43714bb6
Lots 4 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 3f9db0c6ef
More Galena Ore 6 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 574369e82e
Added Decimal Separators to NEI 6 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies e6bf38e4de
A bunch of Ore related Changes and Chemical Recipes 6 days ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 224eb0cd57
Did some Ore related work, Pumice and Perlite have slightly more stuff to do with 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 56c3afff33
Fixed minor screwup in Aqua Regia Recipe (forgot bath only has 3 fluid outputs) 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies a4bb63a76e
Fixed Infinite Grindstone and Molten Limonite 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 35eab9d98f
Fixed Sifting Table and Dust Funnel Rightclick Inputs, also fixed Limonite 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 9ee82e120b
Fixed Aqua Regia Oxygen to Hydrogen Conversion Loop 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 2f63f54383
I got too close to the function size limit in MT.java again, so fixing that 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies ef8e875b2f
Fixed Advanced Crafting Table not properly refilling from Adjacent Drums 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 6206634237
Wrench can harvest Blocks from Progressive Automation now 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies d240e01deb
Improved Vent Cover and Chemical Recipes 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 5422670fac
Vent Cover now does 16 times larger batches 1 week ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0713245ce7
Fixed ID Migration Issues for Magnesite and Chrysotile 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 70ae698aaa
Fixed Magnesite not being Magnesium Carbonate 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies bfffdad6b3
Nope that did very much NOT work like i wanted it to 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 04554ebc8f
undo the vertical flip, hopefully 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 76095484e8
Rendering Fix for Bottom Sides of certain Non-Full Blocks 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 701a3c1f41
Oops that was a bad flow control, well Table is fixed now I hope 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 7999dd2108
Battery Boxes should now charge Tools properly if the Boxes dont contain Batteries in other Slots 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 73e36ed3d0
Pahoehoe Recipe equivalents for certain LAva things got added 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 4c10f91aac
Fixed Collect Sound for magnetized Tools and fixed a minor desync with the Advanced Crafting Table 2 weeks ago
  OvermindDL1 bdc959458a
Change post to forum to happen only on tagged releases 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 9bf6b93b43
Advanced Crafting Tables should now work better than before I broke them repeatedly 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies fd9302b721
First Release of 2021! And its only a Bugfix XD 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies fcd5787556
Actually fixed the Water Generation Issue this time! 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 8e84f45f6f
Three Files lost their Text File Status somehow, probably some windoof user who commited changes to them. 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies e0937048e0
Another Year another License Header for said year for newly modified Files 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 04cda9878a
Last Release of the Year 2020, I hope that 2020 is not gonna continue 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies bbeaed5a73
One last change to the Advanced Crafting Table, I hope. 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 720ea49be4
Just CHangelog Stuff 2 weeks ago
  Gregorius Techneticies f19a593029
More Advanced Crafting Table fix attempts for Bear to test 2 weeks ago