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  Qwerty bd87410abc Include gregtech package in source jar 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 52d1411dd4
Added a BuildInfo.java auto-generated file 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0d466814f8
This shoudlnt work properly but eh temp commit 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0e1fcfef24
Fixed the Warning that I thought was suppressed by "all" but wasnt 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 2c914958be
Alfheim Compat Part Quattro or was it Quadro? 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies e6dc0784d7
Fixed some Warnings in that new Librarys Autogenerated Code 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 424858ed04
Add artemis-odb ECS libraries to the GT6 mod for potential future 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 b83290f9f8 Add Voltz related compile-time-only dependencies 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 df5effbb0f Remove Core as it is useless, add defaultConfigPack.zip archive 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 3e2b25d0f3 Remove the broken maven from the build.gradle listing 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 c2d546162c Revert "Maybe this will get GT maven ahead of Forge maven..." 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 870ecc2d97 Maybe this will get GT maven ahead of Forge maven... 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies c3453d2481
New Build.gradle stuff for the Supporter List autodeploy 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 2da75d2631 Add the new changelog as an artifact 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 819dff0f7a
Just testing my Script and Stuff 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 0e01146467
Final Test Commit for GPG signing properly 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 1122032726
Another Test again again 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies b55173e209
Another Test Commit again 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 1d45fe008c
Another Test Commit 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies b1a5abace5
Test Commit 2 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies bf4d14079d
Test Commit 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 cf6d751de3 Add release helper to build script 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 1c0307c816 Do not publish dirty builds, just as a safety measure 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 87263eb82b Have mcmod.info use actual version details 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 dc4c91d479 Support maven auth via envvars 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 8e6b4c76e3 Use MAVEN2 format, not MAVEN3 format 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 2659daab1e Some source code is using UTF-8 characters, enforce Java uses UTF-8 mode 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 a9a1645cf3 Removed commented pom related build.gradle code 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 d547801dda Use https forge maven 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 715b586c7d More fixups of versioning 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 77c8383f60 Update build script to handle a version fallback 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 bf4aa93b91 Build system overhaul for preperation for CI setup 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies a64074d386 version number, I need to automate that somehow 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies a8059df7e0 Overmind derped and made WAILA a runtime instead of compile dependancy 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 134327b550 Add waila and opis to runtime to test with but not link with 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies ad947d39fa damn thing didnt commit last time 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 f23877110e Update to gradle3 and need to fix unchecked warnings 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 f803a510e3 Add AT access 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 7e87c5e877 Fixing Xmx4096m Parameter 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 323589b591 Clean up eclipse workspace, don't touch non-template files 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 772f38f3d5 Shrink eclipse launcher template loop 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 6e903cff11 Removing debugging lines 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 b23d20202f Add more eclipse launches to launch without mods but NEI 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 70aad1ae0f changing Version Number and fixing some test thing 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 275a76a140 Because Forge is too stupid to fix Deprecation Issues 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 edf43548e5 Add some simple Windows support to eclipse workspace production 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 08602fa741 Make running eclipse multiple times work instead of hang because of gradle bug 2 years ago
  OvermindDL1 50d5530dcd Add eclipse project files managed by gradle 2 years ago
  Vexatos 2f6f94fbaf Fix asset packaging in build.gradle 2 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies f36513692e Fixed build.gradle for inclusion of License related Files 2 years ago