186 Commits (afee2ecc14cb41e70186bcf397f1f9374050b403)

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  Qwertygiy afee2ecc14 Clean-up unused imports + update to a.44 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 7c073d0481 Replace ShapedRecipes/ShapelessRecipes with ShapedOreRecipes/ShapelessOreRecipes, to allow for swapping of chests, feathers, etc. to oredict versions 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 15835a372e Fix rendering issue with counterdrawers 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy a530baa248 FINALLY get rid of that "UUM Config with impossible materials!" 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy f6bd281a26 Removes automation abilities from wild nest, limits insertion to top and extraction to bottom of nesting box 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 4c6eb68a91 Adds nesting box crafted with 2 cut grass + 4 planks or plates 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 6cd09820c0 Fertilized chicken eggs will now hatch from nests 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 19089300ff Chickens will now lay 1-3 eggs per night in their chosen nest rather than dropping eggs every five minutes 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy dfcc7e09d9 Chickens will no longer share nests, and will return to the same nest each night, if close enough 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy dbd984ba19 Hopefully last travis setup required 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 1c8bbe444f take IDEK 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 3e237cefc5 take 5 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 50b917ea08 take 4 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 348242fc9b set travis to actually build, take 3 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 6abebdffa9 set travis to actually build, take 2 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy c8ad0416e9 set travis to actually build 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 3334418143 Update gradle version + fix compile error with latest GT6 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 57e28ec86c More gradle build order correction attempts 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 4c3afa8bb8 Finally learned how to make "processVersion" gradle task always run 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 1c3c9fd02d More CI prep 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy c6f9c50ef6 Setting up preparation for continuous integration 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 14f7f6c106 Fix broken smelting recipes for meats 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 89dc49aebd Adds nest block which chickens will seek or create at nightfall 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy bad995a1da Fixed mistake in texture for Burmese Red Junglefowl (no blue chickens!) 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy a37789afea Fixed error where chickens would not have proper health values after being assigned higher maxhealth values 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 02b54b1a69 Chickens were too S P E E D Y. Corrected that 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 2af6439c1b Update to 1.0.0-a.43 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy afb1969e0b Fix crafting table refusing to craft item if you are holding 1 less than max stacksize 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 1eb50ae9b9 Adds instrument of torture 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 8ab89d5ef5 Hide unused compost bin types from creative/NEI 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 73b4293443 Adds Wood-type-specific chests. Can be shapelessly crafted into vanilla chests 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 6ebd50fa6d Adds Counterdrawers, with 18 storage slots in drawer underneath countertop. Also makes wood-based TE registration more efficient. 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 87255b8af1 Fixes Crafting Table/Countertop rendering of certain blocks, such as levers, that don't render in 3D as items 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 10f4e21482 Update to a.42 with more countertop recipes added 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 96a759bd81 Countertops will now properly update their recipe list when items are shift-clicked into storage 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 5f06d55f13 Adds ClientProxy to the FML event bus, too, because I'm a dummy 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy cb132d3800 Adds CommonProxy to the FML event bus... instead of just the Forge event bus. 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy f6871fa5a8 Adds Tropicraft Palm and Mahogany to WOOD material registry 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy b60d530628 Adds Enhanced Biomes planks to WOOD material registry 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 2626ebf54d Adds Aether Skyroot planks to WOOD material registry 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 3de54e4a42 Adds Betweenlands Weedwood planks to WOOD material registry 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 1180e30e55 Adds Bamboo Mod Sakura planks to WOOD material registry 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy 91f8d6d1e9 General code cleanup (unused imports) 2 years ago
  Qwertygiy d58858a485 Update to 1.0.0-a.41 3 years ago
  Qwertygiy a166c7dd56 Fix dumb error where all sounds get written to SOUNDS_IDLE tag instead of the appropriate tag 3 years ago
  Qwertygiy 5882fdaa23 Remove old single-icon armor icons 3 years ago
  Qwertygiy 6738d4dc17 Adds configuration for effect UI location; adds display of potion effects, burning, sneaking, and blocking 3 years ago
  Qwertygiy fca35304ac Moves Armor UI icons to own texture, adds outlines, moves numbers to F3+H display only 3 years ago
  Qwertygiy ab42a8f3a1 Correct possible zombie tool materials with GalaxySpace and Metallurgy compatibility to be MT.Ad, Adamantium 3 years ago
  Qwertygiy 20d6f83b76 Safeguard to prevent wrench render crash 3 years ago