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Coal and Oil Shale wont spread Fire anymore, but still burn

Gregorius Techneticies 2 months ago
Signed by: Gregorius Techneticies <> GPG Key ID: 1B693EA14F2FD70F
2 changed files with 2 additions and 1 deletions
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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Nothing (I tend to only add finished Stuff to the Changelog).
13 13
 [NOTE] The Default Config Pack updated to disable Fastcrafts Chunk Culling, so that Ocean Floors are now rendering properly again. Set "enableCullingTweaks" to false in the "config/fastcraft.ini" File, if you experience this Issue.
14 14
 [COMPAT] Aroma1997's Mining Dimension is now Compatible with my Worldgen.
15 15
 [FIXED] Infinite Worldgen Loop with Oceans, because I forgot to set the Block Update Flag to 2 during Worldgen, because ofcourse I left it to default when I fixed another Ocean related Bug...
+[FIXED] Coal and Oil Shale Stone Layer Ore Blocks were flammable t othe point of burning up way too much. Now they are still flammable but Fire wont spread to them.
16 17
 [FIXED] Railcraft Crowbars should now be able to remove Covers again, even if they dont use the overlay for technical reasons.
17 18
 [FIXED] Applied Energistics Quartz Cutter in Advanced Crafting Tables.
18 19
 [FIXED] Forestry Backpacks didn't work with Autocollecting Tools, because the Magnetic Autocollect did not throw an Item Collect Event.

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src/main/java/gregtech/blocks/stone/ View File

@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ public class BlockRockOres extends BlockBaseMeta {
99 99
 	@Override public String getHarvestTool(int aMeta) {return TOOL_pickaxe;}
100 100
 	@Override public int getHarvestLevel(int aMeta) {return HARVEST_LEVELS[aMeta];}
101 101
 	@Override public int getFlammability(byte aMeta) {return BURN_LEVELS[aMeta];}
-	@Override public int getFireSpreadSpeed(byte aMeta) {return BURN_LEVELS[aMeta];}
+	@Override public int getFireSpreadSpeed(byte aMeta) {return 0;}
103 103
 	@Override public float getBlockHardness(World aWorld, int aX, int aY, int aZ) {return Blocks.stone.getBlockHardness(aWorld, aX, aY, aZ) * HARDNESS_LEVELS[WD.meta(aWorld, aX, aY, aZ)];}
104 104
 	@Override public float getExplosionResistance(byte aMeta) {return Blocks.stone.getExplosionResistance(null);}
105 105