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Added Nichrome Version of the Stainless Steel Recipe

Gregorius Techneticies 2 months ago
Signed by: Gregorius Techneticies <> GPG Key ID: 1B693EA14F2FD70F
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@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Nothing (I tend to only add finished Stuff to the Changelog).
23 23
 [CHANGED] Barrels and Drums did not have the same Melting Points that Pipes have. I fixed that. Metal Drums now have 1.25 times more Heat Resistance, while Wooden Barrels and Plastic Cans got a properly assigned fixed Value, which in most cases should not make them burn up.
24 24
 [CHANGED] Blue Steel is Red Steel now and vice versa. This should fix my ages old fuckup of the Recipes. Everything should still be the same as before when it comes to Stats, just the Color of the Material changed. If you used Matter Fabricators to make Red/Blue Steel for some reason, you may need to check the USB Stick with the Recipe.
25 25
 [CHANGED] Oil and Natural Gas can now pass through Water. In the case of Oil this will result in Buildcraft alike Oil Fountains or puddles in the Ocean, should you be super lucky. If not, just dig a tunnel down and it happens too. XD
+[ADDED] In a potentially failing attempt of fixing the Nichrome Issue in Stainless Steel, I added a Version of the Recipe that takes Nichrome instead of Invar, which is ofcourse in the proper ratios. I do not know how well that will work for people using the Crucible, but better than nothing.
26 27
 [ADDED] Barbecue Sauce (BBQ Sauce), because why not.
27 28
 [ADDED] Axes, Saws and Chainsaws can now place Saplings too. They will still place Workbenches if Saplings cant be placed.
28 29
 [ADDED] Tooltip for Covers that can be controlled with the Cover Controller Cover. In case of Covers where the Cover Controller Cover is required (such as Shutter Cover), it will be Cyan instead of Dark Gray to make it easier to see.

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@@ -2901,6 +2901,7 @@ public class MT {
2901 2901
 			EnergeticAlloy          .addAlloyingRecipe(new OreDictConfigurationComponent( 1, OM.stack(InductiveAlloy                , 2*U), OM.stack(tMat               , 1*U)));
2902 2902
 			Lumium                  .addAlloyingRecipe(new OreDictConfigurationComponent( 4, OM.stack(Sn                            , 3*U), OM.stack(Ag                 , 1*U), OM.stack(tMat, 4*U)));
2903 2903
+			StainlessSteel          .addAlloyingRecipe(new OreDictConfigurationComponent(36, OM.stack(WroughtIron                   ,24*U), OM.stack(Nichrome           , 5*U), OM.stack(Cr, 3*U), OM.stack(Mn, 4*U)));
2904 2905
 			BlackSteel              .addAlloyingRecipe(new OreDictConfigurationComponent( 5, OM.stack(Ni                            , 1*U), OM.stack(BlackBronze        , 1*U), OM.stack(MeteoricSteel, 3*U)));
2905 2906
 			BlueSteel               .addAlloyingRecipe(new OreDictConfigurationComponent( 8, OM.stack(SterlingSilver                , 1*U), OM.stack(BismuthBronze      , 1*U), OM.stack(MeteoricSteel, 2*U), OM.stack(BlackSteel , 4*U)));
2906 2907
 			RedSteel                .addAlloyingRecipe(new OreDictConfigurationComponent( 8, OM.stack(RoseGold                      , 1*U), OM.stack(Brass              , 1*U), OM.stack(MeteoricSteel, 2*U), OM.stack(BlackSteel , 4*U)));