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  Vexatos 2f6f94fbaf Fix asset packaging in build.gradle 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies f36513692e Fixed build.gradle for inclusion of License related Files 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 1f6542ed9c Raw Logo Files and provisorical Logo License File, which may need fixing 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies a0e78042df Fixed a Line in the License that was modified moreless by accident 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 f956df642f Update forge to latest 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 b5da401cd8 Add OpenModsLib for OpenBlocks to the dependencies 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 4d43a1ecc2 Silence a stupid javac warning 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 df2841e992 Removed the now unneeded RTG and added another build system output directory to the .gitignore 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 88276162a8 Normalize all files line-endings 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 e4d238a5bf Remove IC2Exp as a hard dependency 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 6c5c32d57f Fixing unwanted dependancy on IC2 Exp internals 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 199e1b5099 Fixing up build.gradle and .gitignore again 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 3da4503324 Add rest of dependencies 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 c7d60d09b4 Add basic set of dependencies that work mostly now 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 225090ec73 Changing Major Version Number because it's OpenSource now 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies a559551837 Added README.md and fixed somethign in the build.gradle 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies eec56e4393 Adding more License Textfiles 3 years ago
  OvermindDL1 edec4bdfef Updating build.gradle to not require uploading 3 years ago
  Gregorius Techneticies 9d322d6ebf Initial Mega Commit 3 years ago